Lucia C. Bucklin

Infrared Photography

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Dream’s Descent

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Spring’s Awakening

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Golden Moments


I shoot primarily with Infrared for the serene, romantic and dream-like images the film captures.  Photographs are ethereal and hauntingly beautiful as the film records light that the naked eye cannot see.  Infrared photos show trees with white leaves and luminous white clouds against dark skies.  The images seem almost spiritual in nature.

My favorite subjects to shoots are landscapes and things that have a visual link to the past.  I like old barns and buildings, trees, locations with unique features and backgrounds with interesting shapes, textures and tones.


I want my viewer to be drawn into the photograph and feel an emotional link with the image, whether it be nostalgia, dreams of a simple life, past memories or simply an appreciation of nature’s wondrous beauty.

Heavenly Flight 2004

Heavenly Flight

Storm's Retreat

Storm’s Retreat

Winter Willow

Winter Willow

Winter's Peace

Winter’s Rest

All my photographs are hand-printed on quality, acid-free archival paper that will last over a lifetime.  They are offered as limited editions of 100 which are signed, numbered and dated on the back.

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